Night for the North
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Located at Creamer’s Field right down the street from the Northern Center, Camp Habitat is a place for kids to explore nature — from the farm fields to the boreal forest to the wetlands.

Since 1990, skilled instructors and junior counselors have led discovery hikes, sensory games and creative craft projects to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

In the past few years, it has become harder to offer a competitive wage and recruit the best skilled instructors.

That’s why the Northern Center has pledged up to $10,000 of our Jim Kowalsky Youth Engagement Fund to support Camp Habitat!

Every dollar of your gift will go to quality outdoor fun, so that future ecologists, naturalists, poets and leaders will have that special connection to the habitat of Interior Alaska.

Donate today to fund youth engagement in Interior Alaska!

Camp Habitat instructors at a table studying curricula
Camp habitat instructor shows a bear skull to curious children.