Clean Water and Mining

Mining practices and related infrastructure developments such as construction of roads and utilities often compromise wildlife habitat, adversely impact water quality, affect places used for subsistence and recreational purposes, and accelerate climate change. We work to protect lands in the Interior and Arctic from pollution, increased carbon emissions, industrial-scale surface and hydrologic disturbances, and especially new roads that would forever compromise these places and Alaska’s natural heritage. We monitor operations at priority mines, advocate against controversial and environmentally irresponsible projects, participate in state and federal plan revisions that govern environmental management guidelines, engage in and encourage others to participate in permitting processes that will minimize impacts, and help to litigate cases when necessary. The Northern Center believes that reaching out to diverse constituent groups, and personnel in industries and agencies is a key aspect to the advancement of our mission.

High priority objectives for Clean Water and Mining are to:

  1. Oppose the proposed road to the Ambler mining district and minimize impacts to wildlands and water from mining and associated infrastructure including transportation infrastructure.
  2. Support Interior Alaska grassroots groups organizing against the proposed Manh Choh ore haul.
  3. Advocate alongside community group Save Our Domes for protection of Interior Alaska neighborhoods and beloved recreational areas against incompatible mineral development.
  4. Uplift in-region organizing in opposition to the proposed Donlin Gold mine in the Kuskokwim River watershed.

Read or download our Clean Water and Mining Position Statement.





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August 29, 2017