Northern Alaska Environmental Center

Promoting conservation of the environment and sustainable resource stewardship in Interior and Arctic Alaska through education and advocacy

Northern Alaska Environmental Center

The Northern Alaska Environmental Center

The Northern Alaska Environmental Center is an Alaska-based conservation organization dedicated to protecting the land, waters and wildlife of Interior and Arctic Alaska for current and future generations to use and enjoy. We understand the unique challenges of living in Alaska and seek to balance natural resource development with conserving what makes Alaska special.

Northern Alaska Environmental Center - Promoting Conservation and Responsible Natural Resource Development

The Northern Center is committed to defending special places in Northern and Interior Alaska from irresponsible extraction activities, and promoting local initiatives to protect the health and way of life of people living in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska.

Our Guiding Principles

The Northern Alaska Environmental Center:

  1. Believes that a healthy environment is a prerequisite for a sustainable economy.
  2. Bases conservation decisions on sound science and ethics.
  3. Uses our stakeholders’ energy, expertise and enthusiasm to strengthen the organization.
  4. Seeks opportunities to collaborate with federal, state and local government agencies, and with other organizations to enhance our effectiveness.
  5. Supports the establishment, protection and appropriate stewardship of designated Wilderness areas, as well other less-restrictive management that protects sustainable uses of non-Wilderness wild lands.
  6. Values healthy and intact ecosystems where habitat fragmentation is minimized and wildlands are respected.
  1. Favors stewardship over intensive management of natural resources, in order to meet the needs of the present generation without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  2. Encourages the implementation of clean energy technologies and management practices that minimize air, water and noise pollution and impacts on habitat.
  3. Supports public processes—including use of legal, legislative, and administrative systems—in natural resource use decisions.
  4. Expects to comment on issues in our areas of expertise and interest.
  5. Puts our greatest effort into issues whose results are irreversible or long lasting.
  6. Employs clear, honest communication and constructive dialogue.

Latest News

The Northern Line Winter 2018

The Northern Line Winter 2018

We're pleased to announce the Winter 2018 edition of The Northern Line! The issue is available online, and limited print copies will be available at our office soon. Read the editor's note below, and the entire issue on Enjoy! Editor's Note In thinking...

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Stand for Being Heard

Stand for Being Heard

I caught my first salmon almost by accident. Canvassing a beach on Montague Island for glass fishing floats, we came across a creek so choked with pinks, I tried to bear-hug one out of the current into my arms. I ended up with a soaked chest instead of a fish, so we...

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Speaking out and learning from the Kuskokwim

Speaking out and learning from the Kuskokwim

On August 13, the Army Corps of Engineers issued their Record of Decision (ROD) on the Donlin Gold Mine, authorizing the project to move forward despite local concerns. In a press release, Mary Matthias, the Natural Resources Director for the Orutsaramiut Native...

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