Arctic Program

Arctic Program

The Northern Center advocates for complementary protective plans and management structures across Alaska’s Arctic lands and seas. We recognize the need for integrated approaches across America’s Arctic to permanently protect treasured landscapes that address combined threats and protections needed for lands and coastal waters. 

We have adopted the Arctic Protocols, developed in collaboration with partner organizations in 2018-2019 and informed by the Jemez Principles, which guide our organizing among local, regional, and national groups. 

Read the Arctic Protocols here. 

Priority objectives for the Arctic Program are to:

  1. Permanently protect sensitive wildlands in Northern Alaska – with special emphasis on our largest and most biologically important conservation lands, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Western Arctic in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. , but with a keen sensitivity also to the overall ecological integrity of arctic Alaska–by promoting Wilderness designation where appropriate and other protective status when possible.
  2. Advocate permanent protection for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by gaining Wilderness designation and corresponding Wilderness management for the entire Arctic Refuge.
  3. Protect the ecological integrity of the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas with a management regime for the marine ecosystems as well as the cumulative effects of current or proposed activities on tundra and coasts.

Position Statements

Read or download relevant Arctic Program position statements:




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August 29, 2017