On May 1, members of the House Natural Resource Committee made a historic vote to move H.R. 1146, the Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act, forward. Today, we sent those members of Congress a thank you letter signed by 181 Alaskans from 43 communities, letting them know how much we appreciate their work on behalf of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Read the letter below, and even if you haven’t signed on, it’s not too late to let these representatives know you appreciate their vote!

Dear Representatives Anthony G. Brown, Matt Cartwright, Ed Case, Lacy Clay, TJ Cox, Joe Cunningham, Diana DeGette, Debbie Dingell, Ruben Gallego, Raúl Grijalva, Deb Haaland, Steven Horsford, Jared Huffman, Mike Levin, Alan Lowenthal, Grace Napolitano, Joe Neguse, Gregorio Sablan, Michael San Nicolas, Darren Soto, Paul Tonko, and Jeff Van Drew: 

We are writing as Alaskans to extend a heartfelt thank you for your vote in the House Natural Resources committee on H.R.1146, The Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act. This historic vote marks a major Congressional effort to bring a bill to the floor that will advance protections for the Coastal Plain, rather than playing defense to oil and gas lobby efforts to exploit and forever change this sacred region for short-term financial gain.

Alaskans are grateful for your work in elevating this issue to national attention. Section 20001 of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act mandated leasing the Coastal Plain and changed the purposes of the Refuge to include oil and gas. It was snuck into an omnibus bill and was never debated on its own merits. The debate in the full House Natural Resources committee and in the Energy and Mineral Resources subcommittee was an important step in having the informed public process that this issue deserves. The vast majority of Americans recognize the value of maintaining for future generations the intact ecosystems of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and its importance to the Alaska Natives, including the Gwich’in and Iñupiat, who live in the region and rely on the Porcupine caribou herd for whom the Coastal Plain is a critical calving and nursery area.

There are many in power who only see Alaska’s future as a petro-state, and work to silence the many voices among us who do not agree with this vision. But we are here, and come from all walks of life. We claim settler and Indigenous heritage. We are young and old, rural and urban, and committed to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for spiritual, ethical, and economic reasons. We thank you for standing alongside us.

Thank you for this important vote.


Lisa Baraff, Program Director, Northern Alaska Environmental Center, Fairbanks

Charlotte Basham, Clerk, Chena Ridge Friends Meeting (Quaker), Fairbanks

Enei Begaye , Executive Director, Native Movement, Fairbanks

F Stuart Chapin III, Professor Emeritus of Ecology, University of Alaska Fairbanks (retired), Fairbanks

Vicki Clark, Executive Director, Trustees for Alaska, Anchorage

Natalie Dawson, Executive Director, Audubon Alaska, Anchorage

Bernadette Demientieff, Executive Director, Gwich’in Steering Committee, Fairbanks

Jessica Girard, Director, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, Fairbanks

Scott Grundy, Retired Biologist, Alaska Fish & Game, Fairbanks

Jenna Hamm, Co-owner, Denali National Park Wilderness Centers, Denali National Park

Ernestine Hayes, Alaska State Writer Laureate 2016-2018, University of Alaska (retired), Juneau

M. Torre Jorgenson, Senior Scientist, Alaska Ecoscience, Fairbanks

James Kowalsky, Chair, Alaskans FOR Wildlife, Fairbanks

Sherry Lewis, Director and Former President, Arctic Audubon Society, Fairbanks

Paul Liedberg, Former Manager, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Dillingham

Princess Lucaj, Producer, Fairbanks

Fran Mauer, Wildlife Biologist (retired), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Fairbanks

David Raskin, President, Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, Homer

Paul Reichardt, Provost (retired), University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Evelyn Reitan, Kaktovik

Hugh Rose, Owner, Hugh Rose Photography and Tours, Fairbanks

Jerald Stroebele, Retired Refuge Supervisor, Northern Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage

Emily Sullivan, Conservation Associate, Alaska Wilderness League, Anchorage

Kesler Woodward, Professor of Art Emeritus, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Glenda Aasland, Fairbanks

Dawn Adams,  Healy

Ann Agosti-Hackett , Fritz Creek

Mallory Allgeier, Anchorage

Todd Arkind, Fairbanks

Paul Arneson, Anchorage

Jane Atkinson, Owner, Running Reindeer Ranch, Fairbanks

Sharon Baring, Fairbanks

Theresa Bassett-Dolan, Anchorage

Kelly Bay, Glennallen

Amy Beck, Anchorage

Cristina Bieber, Kodiak

Marissa Bieger, Palmer

Jill Bohr Jacob, Ward Cove

Karen S. Bollinger, Fairbanks

Susan Borko, Seward

Nathan Borson, Gustavus

Juliette Boselli, Denali National Park

Judy Brakel, Gustavus

Jim Campbell, Owner, Arctic Treks, Fairbanks

Robyn Cassidy, Kodiak

Leah Cloud, Homer

Peggy Coleman Taylor, Sitka

Karen Colligan-Taylor, Gustavus

Valerie Cooper, Ketchikan

Benjamin Crawford, Anchorage

Wanda J Culp, Hoonah

Terry Cummings, Anchorage

Nicholas Dalessio, Girdwood

Karen Deatherage, Fairbanks

Jenna Difolco, Anchorage

Marilyn Dodd, Clam Gulch

Marilyn Dougher, Anchorage

Maija Dreimane, Anchorage

Lori Duvall, Anchorage

Cassandra Ellis, Fairbanks

Megan Evanson, Girdwood

Christy Everett, North Pole

Nina Faust, Homer

Robert Fink, Skagway

Carol Ford, Kenai

Troy Franklin, Fairbanks

Sarah Furman, Fairbanks

Joan Galt, Anchorage

Elisabeth Genaux, Juneau

Laurie Gentle, Homer

Hannah Gerrish, Fairbanks

Shelley Gill, Homer

Jeffrey Gillespie, Cantwell

Susan Hansen, Fairbanks

Michael Haukedalen, Anchorage

Kim Heacox, Gustavus

Melanie Heacox, Gustavus

Candy Hempel, Craig

James Hendrick, Denali National Park

Deenaalee Hodgdon, Student/Community Organizer, Brown University, Anvik

Marie Hopkins, Anchorage

Laurie Hueffer, Fairbanks

Wayne Jenkins, Homer

Karen Jettmar, Girdwood

Jennifer Johnson, Anchorage

Brenda Johnson, Juneau

Janet Jorgenson, Retired, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Fairbanks

China Kantner, Kotzebue

Carol Kasza, Business owner, Arctic Treks, Fairbanks

Frank Keim, Poet, Author, Activist, Fairbanks

Kasey Keogh, Fairbanks

Randy Keller, Wilderness guide, Isuma Guideworks, Homer

Keils Kitchen, Anchorage

Kathy Komara, Eagle River

Carolyn Kremers, Writer and former Fulbright Scholar, Fairbanks

Agneta Kupilik, Anchorage

Cecile Lardon, Ester

Lynn Larsen, Fairbanks

Caitlin Lenahan, Fairbanks

Anna Liljedahl, Fairbanks

Bonnie Lind, Anchorage

Carol Linkswiler, Fairbanks

Becky Long, Talkeetna

L Merrill Lowden, Haines

Lorene Lynn, Owner and Tundra Ecologist, Red Mountain Consulting LLC, Palmer

Philip S Marshall, Fairbanks

Frank Maxwell, Fairbanks

Gail Mayo, Environment Support, My Family and Farm, Fairbanks

Kimberly McConkey, Anchorage

Summer McGuire, Homer

Ruth McHenry, Kenny Lake

Timothy Mearig, Juneau

Renee Meaux, Anchorage

Shannon Meredith, Cooper Landing

Joseph B Meyer, Anchorage

Susie Miller, Chugiak

Pamela A Miller, Owner, Log House in Birch Woods B&B, Fairbanks

Odin Miller, Keep it in the Ground! working group liaison, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, Fairbanks

Leif Mjos, Anchorage

Debbie Moderow, Anchorage

Janice Morrow, Fairbanks

Leslie Morton, Soldotna

Amy Murphy, Anchorage

Mary Ann Nickles, Fairbanks

Helen Nienhueser, Anchorage

Lisa Paesani, Anchorage

David Personius, Two Rivers

Mille Porsild, Willow

Sheryl Post, Fairbanks

Gary Pounds, Anchorage

Mallory Primm, Homer

Alyssa Quintyne, Fairbanks

Matt Rafferty, Anchorage

Martha Raynolds, Biologist, PhD, Fairbanks

Terry Reichardt. Fairbanks

Barbara Reilly, Anchorage

Marty Remund, Port Alexander

Karen Rode, Anchorage

Barbara Rondine, MS Applied Behavioral Sciences, Child Development Associate, Quaker Meeting, C J Yung Association of No. AK, Fairbanks

Richard Rothstein, Anchorage

Margaret Schaffhauser, Physical Therapist, Holistic Physical Therapy, Fairbanks

Eric Schneider, Fairbanks

Jim Schwarber, Fairbanks

Stuart Scudder, Juneau

Rebecca Sentner, Anchorage

Shaun Sexton, Chugiak

Mary Shields, Tour provider, Author, Dog musher, Love Wildlife Alive, Fairbanks

Melanie Smith, Anchorage

Susan Smith, Fairbanks

Douglas Smith, Talkeetna

Bradley Snow, Fairbanks

Anna Sorensen, Owner, Valley Girl Bookkeeping, Fairbanks

Susan Soule, Anchorage

Ann Spencer, Anchorage

Sue Sprinkle, Fairbanks

Richard Steele, Juneau

Mark Steen, Cordova

Shoshanah Stone, Anchorage

David Story, Cooper Landing

Cody Strathe, Owner, Squid Acres Kennel, Fairbanks

Christin Swearingen, Anchorage

Michael Taylor, Gustavus

Dorothy H Thompson, Fairbanks

Peg Tileston, Anchorage

Susan Todd, Associate Professor of Resource Planning, Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks

Doug Toelle, Owner, Running Reindeer Ranch, Fairbanks

Jessica Toubman, Denali National Park

Ingrid Tripple, Fort Wainwright

Rebecca Turner, Wasilla

Chelsea Vukovich, Anchorage

Martha Wallace, Soldotna

James Warren, Fairbanks

Julianne Warren, Fairbanks

Bill Watkins, Denali National Park

David Wellman, Copper Center

Michael Whalen, Fairbanks

Lita White, Anchorage

Lylith Widmer, Haines

Melany Wilson, Anchorage

Susanne Wilson, Homer





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