Featured photo by Jovell Rennie.

Today is my final day at Northern Center. Next week, I will start as the Climate and Clean Energy Program Manager at the Alaska Center. While I look forward to this opportunity, I will also miss many things about my time at the Northern Center. 

Working on The Northern Line was an incredible honor. The first issue I edited was dedicated to our first Executive Director, Jim Kowalsky. As I combed through old documents in the office to find relevant stories to highlight, I learned so much about the Northern Center’s origins. To get a glimpse into our history, you can read the Jim Kowalsky edition of The Northern Line here

I also want to express my gratitude to the coalitions that I participated in while at Northern Center. In supporting our program staff, I met with incredible people who are building our future in Alaska. On my first trip up to Fairbanks for work, I joined local organizers in marching to oppose the proposed road to Ambler. In Anchorage, I met with people from all over the state advocating for transparency and accountability around mining issues and advocating for protections for the Arctic. I am deeply grateful for all of the learning opportunities I had in this role, and I know I will continue to collaborate with many of the same people in a new way. 

I look forward to narrowing my focus and taking on more program responsibility, as well as working at an organization based in Anchorage, where I live. Please feel free to contact me over at the Alaska Center, and best of luck to the entire Northern Center community in continuing to advocate for the Interior and the Arctic.