This year, we’re celebrating and reflecting on the Northern Alaska Environmental Center’s 50 year history. Since 1971, our organization has played a vital role in protecting Northern Alaska, and we plan to build on the compassion, adaptability, and self-reflection to lead us into the next fifty. 

Some of you reading this have been part of the Northern Center’s story for that entire history, and others for maybe only recently. Over the coming months, we invite you to share your memories, photos (maybe even Northern Center jokes?) in this form for us to share with our community throughout 2021.  

Earlier this year, executive director Scott Fogarty wrote to our members and supporters: 

We begin this year with new national leadership and major shifts in the political landscape, and also in the midst of a health crisis which has changed our lives in ways few anticipated a year ago. The Northern Center’s history of nimble and compassionate leadership has allowed us to remain strong through these challenges, seeking community-led and science-based solutions to the systemic problems. We begin this year with an executive order temporarily halting the coastal plain leasing program the previous administration set in motion, and a strong legal case still waiting to be heard. The Brooks Range is not fragmented by a 200 mile long industrial road, despite the industry’s efforts. More Alaskans are not only advocating for but actively creating renewable energy solutions, and helping build an economy that does not put our lands, waters, and health at risk.  

While this year is in many ways defined by challenges, we have shown that we can rise up to meet them. Together.

Northern Alaska Environmental Center

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