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Director of Finance and Operations

The Director of Finance & Operations plans, directs, or coordinates the administrative services of the organization, including records and information management, bookkeeping and payroll, transportation, facilities planning and maintenance, procurement, human resources, information technology, risk management, and other office support services.
This position is based in Fairbanks, Alaska with some limited opportunities to work from home.


JOB TITLE: Director of Finance & Operations
JOB STATUS: Regular, Full-Time, 40 hours/week
SUPERVISOR: Executive Director
WAGE: $60,000/year, DOE
BENEFITS: Health plan, vision plan, paid holidays, personal days, and vacation and sick leave


  • Act as chief liaison with financial, technical, and property management contractors; with other professional service providers; and with utility providers
  • Ensure annual filings, licenses, and memberships are complete and current (e.g., Charitable Organization Registration, Business Licenses, Gaming Permit, Organizational dues and subscriptions, DUNS#, etc.)
  • Maintain Northern Center paper and electronic files in compliance with Financial Policies
  • Ensure that Northern Center Staff, Board and other assets are adequately insured at all times
  • Execute and support the Executive Director’s mandate to ensure operational stability and efficiency
Bookkeeping and Finance
  • Review, appropriately code, and process financial expenses and revenues according to established accounting system
  • Provide accurate bookkeeping in accordance with the Accounting Manual
  • Provide grant support: 1) maintain records; 2) provide financial reports
  • Process payroll and submit tax payments and reports as required by law
  • Provide financial reports as requested by Program Staff and Executive Director
  • Assist with organizational budget preparation and revision; monitor budget-actual and cash flows
  • Assist with monthly financial updates and quarterly financial statements to the Board’s Finance Committee
Experience and Attributes
  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent Business or Office Management Certificate
  • Significant work experience with office procedures and management; non-profit sector familiarity a plus
  • Prior bookkeeping and payroll experience
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and QuickBooks
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communications skills
  • Experience handling sensitive and confidential issues
  • Commitment to environmental protection and social change
  • Pleasant positive attitude in all interactions with members, potential members, the general public, staff, and the Board of Directors
Work Schedule
  • The Director of Administration and Finance is required to complete 40 hours of work per week
  • The work week can be flexible as approved by the Executive Director, as long as 80 hours of work are completed per two-week pay period.
To apply for this position
Please send a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to Elisabeth Balster Dabney via email at or by mail to 830 College Road, Fairbanks, AK 99701. Applications will be reviewed on January 21, 2022. Position is open until filled, but applicants are encouraged to apply prior to January 21, 2022 to ensure consideration for the position.


Clean Water and Mining Program Coordinator


JOB TITLE: Clean Water & Mining Program Coordinator
JOB STATUS: Regular full-time, 40 hours/week
EXEMPTION: Non-exempt
SUPERVISOR: Program Director
WAGE:$23+/hour, depends on experience
BENEFITS: Paid holidays, personal leave, sick leave, and health & vision insurance


About the Clean Water and Mining Program

The Clean Water & Mining Program monitors and organizes around current and proposed mining operations in Interior and Northern Alaska that present substantial environmental problems or threaten to open large tracts of wild lands to mineral development.


This position works at the community level, and in broader regional, state, and national coalitions—as well as with internal staff—to implement educational and grassroots advocacy strategies to prevent or mitigate clean water violations and keep priority wildlands free of industrial intrusion.


We are seeking a highly motivated, goal-oriented self-starter with experience in campaign development relating to environmental issues who can showcase a proven track record of innovation and success with previous organizing experience. We believe passion for our mission is the most important attribute of a candidate, and are therefore willing to train the right applicant regarding state and federal environmental protection laws, although general technical competency is required.



Campaign advancement. Carry on the priority campaigns by expanding outreach in local communities, constituent groups, and statewide coalitions, and by developing grassroots deliverables, lobbying at the state level, generating earned media, and maintaining campaign and Northern Center websites to reflect progress.


Land use planning, policy advocacy, and legal cooperation. Research and organize around pending land use management plans, state and federal legislation that affects program goals, and regulatory changes made by various enforcement agencies.


Exploratory project monitoring. Keep the Northern Center and relevant stakeholders informed of the advancement of mineral exploration projects in Interior and Northern Alaska that pose potential conflicts with our mission.


Existing mines monitoring. Monitor the environmental performance of existing mines and take the appropriate steps to address environmental problems when they arise.


Outreach planning, implementation, and reporting. Coordinate volunteers, develop outreach and advocacy materials (petitions, sign on letters, print collateral), develop goals/objectives for tabling efforts, attend tabling events, report performance metrics for all outreach and advocacy activities, educate members and allies on creating substantive comments for public commenting periods, and encourage turn-out to locally organized public hearings.


Communications. Assist in development of social media and other communications content for the clean water and mining program, such as maintain photo database, create web content for Northern Center website, and write articles for print and email newsletters.


Experience & Attributes

  • Experience working with Indigenous and rural communities is strongly desired.
  • An understanding of environmental and resource issues, sustainability, and previous experience with campaign work.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Air Act, and Clean Water Act is highly desired.
  • Familiarity with large, modern hard rock mining operations is highly desired.
  • Must be a team player experienced with collaborative projects.
  • For candidates outside Alaska, those who appreciate extreme conditions and seasons will find comfort here.


To apply

Please send a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to Elisabeth Balster Dabney via email at or by mail to 830 College Road, Fairbanks, AK 99701. Applications will be reviewed on January 21, 2022. Position is open until filled, but applicants are encouraged to apply prior to January 21, 2022 to ensure consideration for the position.

Download job description as PDF here.



Fairbanks Clean Water and Mining Community Organizer Contract Position

In recent months, two mining exploration companies – Millrock Resources and Felix Gold – have formed a  partnership to explore for gold in the Fairbanks area. Community members are concerned that any development will interfere with recreation trails, increase noise levels from operations including truck traffic, and create air pollution and potential water pollution.

To help address these issues, the Northern Center is hiring a part-time local Community Organizer! This position will work closely with the community groups that have formed to watchdog the companies, aiding in building awareness of the ongoing issue, engaging with stakeholders like the Borough Assembly, and developing long term strategies in collaboration with the community groups.


Position Summary

The Community Organizer is a contracted position that works directly with the Northern Alaska Environmental Center and Fairbanks community members to develop strategies, goals and objectives to address recent mining concerns in the region. The Community Organizer reports directly to the Northern Alaska Environmental Center Clean Water and Mining Manager and will help develop a plan on how to address current and future mining activities in the region mentioned in the Problem section below. 


Two foreign mining companies–Millrock Resources and Felix Gold– are in a strategic partnership to explore for gold in the Fairbanks area, specifically around Ester Dome, Treasure Creek and Old Murphy Dome Road, North Fox, Pedro Dome, and Cleary Summit. These areas contain a significant number of trails that see heavy use year round. Ester Dome, in particular, is a hub of recreational activity in the Fairbanks area. Community members are concerned with the possibility of a gold mine operating in a highly residential area and are alarmed at the speed of which the leasing has occurred, the Alaska Mental Health Trust’s assertion that the best use for their land is mineral exploration, and the lack of public input. 

Community members are concerned that any development will interfere with recreation trails, increase noise levels from operations including truck traffic, and create air pollution and potential water pollution. Organizing now, educating the community, and informing them of their potential rights will help support people new to environmental advocacy, community organizing, and the associated state and federal permitting processes. 

The Community Organizer will help streamline opposition by remaining focused on the issue, following all permitting and lease processes, ground-truthing the findings of the company, continuing to put pressure on the Mental Health Trust Authority, Felix Gold, and Millrock to listen to residents and maintain momentum for the community’s opposition efforts.The Community Organizer will also help develop strategy for long-term opposition to mineral extraction in the area. 


  • Aid community efforts in building a robust group in opposition to development
  • Act as liaison and point of contact between different entities, such as The Alaska Center, Northern Center, etc.
  • Watchdog exploration companies and promote transparency and community engagement
  • Secure legal expertise and support from an environmental law group such as Trustees for Alaska or Earthjustice.
  • Create a strategic plan for long term opposition, including securing further funding if needed.
  • Develop/explore zoning and the FNSB Comprehensive Plan or other planning avenues to change land status


  • Organize community in opposition to mine
  • Host at least 2 Q+A Sessions with mining representatives
  • Host at least 2 Call to Action rallies
  • Host at least 4 educational sessions on the process of gold mining including history of mining in the region including impacts
  • Develop opposition group cohesion as an entity to oppose development in the mid to long term
  • Coordinate with opposition group to draft a strategic plan guiding the group’s actions through the exploration phase
  • Contact legal partners to investigate potential legal challenges and hurdles
  • Analyze feasibility of public outreach campaign steps and costs

 Required Skills and Experience

  • Working knowledge of computer systems MS Word/ Excel etc.
  • Working knowledge of virtual meeting platforms – Zoom, Google Meets, etc.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in Community Organizing efforts
  • Local knowledge about mining history in Fairbanks and surrounding areas
  • Knowledge of mining industry practices including lease sales, remediation requirements etc.
  • Current resident of Ester, Murphy Dome, or Golstream areas


This is a part-time non-permanent independent contractor position.

Compensation will be at a rate of $20.00 per hour up to a maximum of 500 hours with the potential to increase maximum hours depending on funding. Contractor will be compensated on a twice monthly cycle.


Hire immediately 

January 2022:

Contractor hired and onboarded

Familiarized with the issue

Meet with local opposition group

Construct work plan


February 2022:

Opposition group meets to decide on organizational structure

Contact exploration companies to set up Q&A sessions

Host first educational session


March 2022:

Host first Q&A Session

Host Second Educational Session

Opposition Group goals and objectives finalized


April 2022

Host second Educational Session

Opposition group Strategic plan developed

Legal partners contacted

Public outreach campaign feasibility assessed


May 2022

Host Third Educational Session

Host first call to action rally

Host Second Q&A session


June 2022

Host 4th Educational Session

Host Second Call to Action rally

Opposition group prepared to move forward independently

Assess feasibility of increasing maximum hours and extending contract


To Apply

Email resume and cover letter to Program Director Lisa Baraff at  

.Download job description as PDF here.

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