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4/13/23 New artwork in this email thanks to Jill Richie, this year’s Featured Artist at Northern Center.

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3/16/23 Yes, we’re suing...and when you’re ready, you can help.

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2/16/23 Colleen Fisk was our guest for the Northern Voices Speaker Series. View slides and watch the recording.

2/16/23 You can help stop the Willow project today…and stay engaged during this critical period.

2/2/23 The new year has been us keep up the momentum.

1/19/23 Tune in tonight at 5 pm. Hear from Bonnie Gestring on the Impacts of Mining in the Pacific Northwest.

1/5/23 New year, new opportunities

12/8/22 We’re getting ready for 2023…and feeling grateful for everything you helped us do in 2022.