April 17, 2021 – April 24, 2021 all-day

Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day in Fairbanks All Week Long!

Earth Day Poetry & Art Walk: [Self Guided: April 17th-24th] Enjoy poems and artwork on display at Creamer’s Field and along the Chena River downtown.  Submit your own work for display by emailing it to PoetryArtWalk2021@gmail.com by April 14th or by dropping it off at the Creamer’s Field Farmhouse Visitor’s center–you’ll see a box in the doorway.

Five Senses Meditation Walk [Self Guided, April 18-24th] Chinook Conservation area trail,  Alaska Lands Trust   Can you smell the difference between trees? Hear chatter of squirrels and birds? Maybe even taste a snowflake? The Interior Alaska Land Trust is setting up an interpretive trail to celebrate the senses at the Chinook Conservation Park! Come walk it during earth week. A two-mile walking trail loops along the banks of Cripple Creek, restored to its original streambed after 80 years by the Interior Alaska Land Trust. With some luck maybe you’ll even see water flowing under the ice!

Make a Mask for the Species Walk  [April 10th-17th] Make a mask of your favorite species! Stop by the Children’s Museum for mask making supplies, or make one of your own at home and send a photo of yourself in your species mask to blackdog@ptialaska.net by Sunday April 15th and be featured on Channel 11 News.

April 16-25 Watch Kiss The Ground Free online, register to watch the film Kiss the Ground  a new film how about how regenerating the world’s soils has the potential to rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies. This film explains why transitioning to regenerative agriculture could be key in rehabilitating the planet, while simultaneously invigorating a new sense of hope and inspiration in viewers.  Register to Watch Kiss the Ground here. 

April 21 Sacred Ground: A Message of Hope After viewing Kiss the Ground  Get inspired to take action in your locale to care for the earth and support food justice! Join Interfaith Power and Light for “Sacred Ground: A Message of Hope”, a webinar conversation with the award-winning filmmaker of Kiss the Ground, Josh Tickell, and Veronica Kyle, the Statewide Outreach Director of IPL affiliate Faith in Place. Veronica has been instrumental in supporting several successful “congregational supported agriculture” farms in the Chicago area serving food insecure neighborhoods. April 21, 10am AK time.

April 22nd Howl at Noon!  Howl and Raise a Ruckus for the Earth!!!!  To celebrate Earth Day 2021, Post a sign in your neighborhood or call your friends and neighbors to get outside your house and howl for the Earth, make noise  and raise a ruckus in gratitude for this amazing planet we call home!

Saturday April 24, 12noon-3pm Earth Day Celebration; Activities for Families Seed Planting and More!  Outside At the Folk School at Pioneer Park  Co- sponsored by Calypso Farms and The Fairbanks Folk School


Brought to you by the Fairbanks Community Earth Day Committee

Have an activity or event to add to this list?  Contact Caitlin Lenahan at events@northern.org