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Wildlife the Northern Alaska Environmental Center works to protect.

The Northern Alaska Environmental Center values wildlife for many reasons; animals are indicators of healthy & vibrant ecosystems; they can provide food, clothing, and shelter; and wildlife offer ways to link to traditional ways of life.


Walrus and Seals

Walrus and Seals are valued by Native Alaskans as sources of food and clothing. Some species are threatened due to climate change impacts and disappearing habitats, such haul-outs for walrus and sea ice for seals.

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The Western Arctic Caribou Herd and the Porcupine Caribou Herd combined total is over 500,000 animals that have been migrating to the Arctic for thousands of years. First Nations/Alaska Native people traditionally built their communities based upon the caribou's migration patterns; the herd is both a vital link to their cultural heritage and a staple of their diet.

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Migratory birds make the annual trek to Alaska to select breeding grounds which help them to nest and raise their young.

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Alaska’s oceans sustain and a great diversity of marine life. As the climate changes, we can observe and learn how migratory marine mammals, like whales, are adapting to changes in their aquatic habitats.

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Polar and Brown (Grizzly) Bears thrive in different habitats in Alaska. Polar Bear populations are under threat due to disappearing sea ice.

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