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Voices for the Arctic Ocean

The people of Alaska have used the Arctic Ocean for thousands of years for subsistence, fisheries and recreation in a sustainable way. Here Alaskans testify during the Salazar Hearings held in Anchorage, Alaska on April 14, 2009.

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Birch Creek

Birch Creek is a river located in central Alaska. 113 miles (182 km) of the river is managed by the Bureau of Land Management as a wild river under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The river travels through state, private, and National Wildlife Refuge land for 344 miles (553 km) before emptying into the Yukon River approximately halfway between Fort Yukon and Beaver. The water is classed as I to III.

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Tangle Lakes Needs Your Help!!

Tangle Lakes Needs Your Help!!

As you may know, the Tangle Lakes area has been an Alaskan favorite for generations. Whether you hunt, ski, trap, fish, paddle, or just hike around and take photos, we’ve always assumed we’d be able to pass down these same experiences to the next generation. However, that may change soon...

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BLM Poster: Upper Black River Minerals Management

From Eastern Interior hearings in Anchorage and Fairbanks April and May 2012

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BLM: Synposis of the Mineral Occurrence and Development Potential Report (Draft)

for Locatable and Salable Minerals: Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan, April 2012, Draft Report by BLM Alaska State Office, Branch of Energy and Solid Minerals

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