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CALL: your legislator

Calling is a simple, easy way to convey your message. Don’t expect to have a lot of time to debate, its best to just deliver your message.

Call your representative:

Why do it:

Calling is a simple, easy way to convey your message.  Don’t expect to have a lot of time to debate, its best to just deliver your message.



Telephone calls are usually taken by a staff member, so make sure you get the right one by asking to speak with the aide who handles the issue you’re commenting on.


  1. Find the number.  Click for the Alaska State legislature, or the US legislature.  You can also call the US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 to be connected to a US legislator's office.
  2. Identify yourself, “hi, this is (name) from (place)
  3. Make your ask: “please tell (legislator) that I support/oppose (bill).”
  4. State your reasons.
  5. Ask for the legislator’s position on the bill.
  6. If you want, you can request a written response to your call.


Example Script:

Hi - my name is [Name], and I live in [City], [State].

I'm calling to urge the Senator to filibuster any bill that blocks or delays the Clean Air Act's ability to limit climate pollution. The Clean Air Act is essential to protecting public health, fighting climate change and moving our economy forward. The Senator's support for it should be non-negotiable.  Can I count on the Senator to filibuster attacks on the Clean Air Act?

If undecided: For 40 years, the Clean Air Act has proven to be one of our most successful, cost effective pieces of legislation. It is strongly supported by the American people, and any attempt to delay or derail it is an attack on public health in favor of big polluters. I hope the Senator will draw a line in the sand to protect clean air.

If no: What is the senator's reason for not defending the clean air act?

If yes: Great. Thanks for your time.


Additional Information on Alaska's US Legislators:


Washington, DC Office ......(202)224-3004 

Anchorage Office................(907) 271-5915 

Fairbanks Office.................(907) 456-0261 


Washington DC Office.........(202)224-6665 709 

Anchorage Office.................(877) 829-6030

Fairbanks Office...................(907) 456-0233 


Washington DC Office..........(202)225-5765 

Anchorage Office..................(907) 271-5978 

Fairbanks Office...................(907) 456-0210 

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